‘Phantom Virtual’ Tomografi Elektrik Berbasis Konsep Rangkaian Resistor – II

Amanatulhay Pribadi, A.D. Garnadi, S. Nurdiati


Phantoms are essentially required to generate boundary data for studying the inverse solver performance in electrical impedance tomography (EIT). A resistive-based boundary data simulator (BDS) is developed to generate accurate boundary data using neighbouring current pattern for assessing the EIT inverse solvers. Domain diameter, inhomogeneity number, inhomogeneity geometry (shape, size, and position), background conductivity, and inhomogeneity conductivity are all set as BDS input variables. Different sets of boundary data are generated by changing the input variables of the BDS, and resistivity images are reconstructed using electrical impedance tomography and diffuse optical tomography reconstruction software (EIDORS).

Kata Kunci


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